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Upper Valley of NH & VT

New Hampshire and Vermont’s Upper Valley is surrounded by the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire and consists of many small, wonderful towns and cities.  Home to DHMC and Dartmouth College, the ninth oldest college in the country and proudly serving the Ivy League community, Hanover New Hampshire offers the hustle and bustle of an upscale-casual city with a small town feel.

Cities and towns in New Hampshire and Vermont’s Upper Valley consistently rank among the best places in the country to live and visit. Whether it be for the multitude of outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, academic programs at Dartmouth College or locally owned shops and restaurants, we stand proud of our community and the unique way of life we provide for ourselves and our families.

Throughout the Upper Valley of NH and VT you’ll find wonderful activities, community events, beautiful and picturesque New England towns, an amazing amount of nature as well as places and historic landmarks that are rich in American history, all at your finger tips. Stopping in for a visit? Moving to the Upper Valley? Either way, welcome! Come explore with us, there’s lots to see!

Upper Valley Community Videos


While you’re out exploring the Upper Valley, flex your creative muscles, snap some awesome photos and assemble an article in your mind. We’re a community website and need your help to thrive! Take those memories, compose them into a great story and submit it to!

Community members are the heartbeat of the Upper Valley. To make project a success, we need wonderful community members like you to submit your creative writings and photos to be published on Upper Valley NH/VT, as well as sharing with and inspire your friends and neighbors join the fun.

New Hampshire and Vermont’s Upper Valley is full of wonderful culture and adventure, we hope you’ll join us in discovering each and every nook and cranny that the Upper Valley has to offer.

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