Lyme, New Hampshire

Holt's Ledge and Trapper John's Shelter

Lyme is one of many towns located in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire. Located north of Hanover along Route 10, Lyme is situated along the Connecticut river. The population just cresting over 1,700 people, Lyme is a small town just a short distance from the excitement and goings-on in Hanover, Lebanon and the rest of the Upper Valley. Home to the Dartmouth Skiway, a small section of the Appalachian Trail and the Chaffee Natural Conservation Area, Lyme is a beautiful place to live.

The Town of Lyme, New Hampshire

History of Lyme

Like many other Upper Valley towns, Lyme was named after a town in Connecticut — Old Lyme. Old Lyme is located at the mouth of the Connecticut River. Originally home to the Abenaki Indians, including some Sokokis, who lived new Post Pond, Lyme was not granted until 1761. Like many other towns in the Upper Valley, Lyme was granted by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth.

The Lyme Inn, which is still in operation today was constructed more than 200 years ago. It was a frequent place for travelers to stop and take a load off. In the 1800’s it was not unusual to see those traveling along the old Boston Turnpike via Stagecoach to stop at the Lyme Inn.

Lyme is full of history including the Congressional Church, located next to the Lyme in which was also built more than 200 years ago. Although it does not ring on the hour, the church holds a bell that was cast by Paul Revere. Also on the grounds are horse sheds which date back to 1810. Each stable has the name of the original owner inscribed above the doorway. All these great buildings and more can be seen at the town common and throughout Lyme.

Lyme, NH Dartmouth SkiwayThings to do in Lyme

Lyme has a lot to offer in the way of things to do. Of course there’s places to explore – Dartmouth Skiway is a great place to ski in the winter and explore in the summer. The Appalachian Trail runs just over 18 miles from the NH/VT border, through Hanover and the Velvet Rocks and ends up at Trapper John’s Shelter – located  between Smarts Mountain and Moose Mountain, 0.9 miles south of the Dartmouth Skiway in Lyme and Lyme-Dorchester Road. Dartmouth Skiway offers skiing as well as a Terrain Park for those who wish to have a bit more fun at the slopes. Of course lessons are available for children and adults. Anyone who wishes to ski or learn how to ski is welcome to join the fun!

Also offered in Lyme is an abundance of local activities for children. There is a summer program available for children Kindergarten through 5th grade to attend. The program includes activities such as Swimming, Sports as well as Arts and Crafts. Students in 6th through 8th grade can be camp counselors and be paid for their help! Other seasonal youth programs are Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Downhill skiing/Snow boarding/Cross-country skiing – all offered through the Lyme Rec Department.

Lyme, New Hampshire, Post Pond
Post Pond in Lyme, NH (Photo credit: Flickr)

There are also programs for adults who wish to get out in the community and participate in sports and other activities. Offered are things like yoga, pilates as well as tennis and soft pitch softball.

Spend time as a family at Chase Beach and the recreational facilities at Post Pond. Note that the recreational facilities are only open to residents of Lyme and residents will need a parking sticker, contact the Clerk’s Office for more information.

Two other destinations that are worth visiting while you’re in Lyme are Holt’s Ledge, part of the Appalachian Trail, and Edgell Covered bridge.

Holt's Ledge, Lyme, New Hampshire

Holt’s Ledge

Holt’s Ledge is great, somewhat easy hike with great views from the top. While hiking to Holt’s Ledge, you may as well take the .03 mile hike over to Trapper John’s Shelter before continuing on to Holt’s Ledge. The entire hike to the top of Holt’s Ledge is about 2 miles. Plan to spend several hours exploring and enjoying the hike and views.

The views from Holt’s Ledge are magnificent! There are a few spots of parking available at the trail head but there is much more parking available just a quick walk up the street at Dartmouth Skiway, there is a designated parking area available for hikers, look for the post in the lot nearest the trail head.

Be sure to stop and snap a picture of Edgell Covered Bridge, which crosses the Clay Brook on River Road in Lyme. The Edgell Covered Bridge was built in the late 1800’s and has under gone some renovations. the roof caved in under the weight of heavy snow in the 1980’s. You’ll be in awe by the bridges interior construction, it’s amazing!

Calling Lyme, NH Home

With nature everywhere you turn, you’ll feel relaxed and at home in Lyme, NH. Those looking for a quiet place to live, relax and play need not look any further, Lyme is the place for you. Located outside of the Hanover and Lebanon, Lyme is a great place to call home. You’ll enjoy a quiet, easy ride along Route 10 to reach work and shopping centers in Hanover and West Lebanon.

Living in Lyme, there are plenty of activities for the whole family. Lyme isn’t just another place to live, it’s a lifestyle. Aside from all the activities in Lyme, you will enjoy the quiet nights Barbecuing in the backyard, the birds whistling in the nearby trees, the deer who stroll up onto your back lawn and most of all – the time spent with your family and friends.

The median home value in Lyme, NH is about $389,000. True to its nature, Lyme is a town that offers beautiful homes and plenty of wilderness. Although Lyme’s median value is rather modest for the area, from time to time larger estates and luxury properties located on premium land, perhaps overlooking the valley’s below, come on the market.

So, whether you’re looking for a wonderful home in an affordable price range or a super-estate on an exceptional piece of property, Lyme could be the perfect place for you.

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