Montshire Museum, Where Science and Fun Collide!

Montshire Science Museum - Norwich, Vermont

Located just across the bridge from Hanover, New Hampshire, the Montshire Museum is nestled in the quiet town of Norwich, Vermont. The Montshire is a science museum with more than 140 indoor and outdoor exhibits centered around physical science, ecology, technology and natural science.

The museum is situated on a 110 acre parcel of land abutting the Connecticut river. Aside from having a plethora of indoor exhibits and activities, the Montshire also offers nature trails with exhibits which include a walking tour of the Solar System, Woodland Gardens and more.

Montshire Museum of Science: Norwich, VT

Montshire MuseumA trip to the Montshire Museum will open your eyes to a world of science, technology and nature. Featuring permanent and traveling, visiting, limited time featured exhibits, there’s always something new to see and explore. Moving outside to the Science Park, you’ll be immersed in a world of natural science.


Some of the exhibits you can find at the Montshire are Air and Wind, Creatures, The Environment and Native Plants, Puzzles, Shapes and Things that Move, Sounds and Hearing, The Earth and Astronomy, Light and Sight, the Featured Exhibits and of course during the warm weather months you can explore the Water Park. Sorry, there’s no water slides in the water park, it’s an area to learn about water, how it moves and all things relative.

When we say “hands-on” at the Montshire Museum of Science, we mean it. You won’t be able to keep your hands off our exhibits — more than 140 in our permanent collection alone — and that’s just how we like it. – Montshire Museum

Deltadromeus skeleton reconstruction

Educational Programs

The Montshire Museum in Norwich, VT offers programs for kids (and adults) of all ages. Programs are offered for families, children, adult, educators and school groups.

If you’re looking for an educational summer camp for your child, the Montshire is the perfect solution. Available for children ranging from Preschool and Kindergarten age though 8th grade, the Montshire keeps a low camper to instructor ratio to ensure that each and every child is given the attention needed (4:1 for the youngest age group and 6:1 for older children).

Adults can enjoy classes ranging from half day to multi-session programs. The fun doesn’t end with the Montshire’s educational classes. To expand the offerings for adults, the Montshire Museum has partnered with the New England Wild Flower Society, the Vermont Center for Ecostudies and Osher@Dartmouth.

So whether you’re looking for fun ad educational activities for children, families, adults, groups or educators, the Montshire has a program designed with you in mind.

Join more than 150,000 visitors annually and explore the Montshire Museum of Science. Whether this will be your first time to the museum, or your tenth time, you’ll surely find something new to explore!

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