Orange, New Hampshire

Mount Cardigan, Orange NH
View from the summit of Mount Cardigan

Orange, NH is a small, quiet town located just east of Enfield and Canaan. Orange can be accessed by the two major nearby roadways, Route 4 and Route 118. Not unlike most Upper Valley towns, Orange offers plenty in the way out outdoor activities and is home to a portion of Cardigan Mountain State Park.

The Town of Orange, New Hampshire

History of Orange

The town of Orange originally held the name of Cardigan, after the third Earl of Cardigan, and the mountain in the region still holds this name today – Mount Cardigan. Mount Cardigan is also the highest point in town, and in much of the region at 3,155 feet. The town name went up for vote several times and eventually the town took the name Orange, as it is known today.

Orange has seen many changes in town boundaries. In 1804, a portion of Orange was annexed to Hebron, to the east and part of Hebron was annexed to Orange. In 1820, a section of Orange was nexed to Alexandria to the south.

Living in Orange, NH

If you’re looking for a quiet town in the Upper Valley, Orange has what you’re looking for. Resting at the foot of Mount Cardigan, the homes in Orange tend to be placed on large lots and acreage, with plenty of space between neighbors. Orange is a quick 30 minute drive to the employment and shopping hub of Lebanon and Hanover.

There is also a public bus line, Advance Transit, which runs from nearby Canaan to Lebanon. From there you can connect to any bus route and head to work, go shopping or take care of other errands around town. There is also an express bus that runs straight to and from DHMC during certain scheduled times. This service is paid for through property taxes and runs year round, minus holidays, even during inclement weather.

Like any Upper Valley town, there is plenty of nature to explore in Orange. Whether you’re a bird watcher, hiker, cross country skier, snowmobiler or you’d rather fish or hunt – there’s something for you here. With more than 23 square miles of land and a population of under 400 people, the quiet, peaceful sounds of nature overrun the town. You’ll have to explore Mount Cardigan in both the summer and winter months as it is accessible year round.

Cardigan Mountain TrailThe town of Orange is so small that it does not have a post office. Residents rely on the post office in nearby Canaan for their postal service needs.

People who live in Orange will tell you about the quiet they enjoy and the small town feel that rural New England has to offer. Orange is one of those towns you dream of living in. Out in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities, lots of nature at your doorstep and a photo-op every time you step outside.

The town is made up of mostly single family homes. The home values are very competitive when compared to nearby towns. Affordable homes with plenty of land is what you’ll find when browsing real estate in Orange. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home, a hunting cabin or a quiet summer vacation home, Orange and the local area has plenty of homes to offer.

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