Plainfield, New Hampshire

Plainfield, New Hampshire
View from French’s Ledges in Plainfield, NH

Plainfield, NH is a town located in northern Sullivan County. Populated by nearly 2,500 residents, Plainfield has an area of about 53 square miles of land and waterways. Plainfield is bordered by the Connecticut River and located along Route 12A between the two larger regions of West Lebanon and Claremont.

The Town of Plainfield, New Hampshire

History of Plainfield

Along with many Upper Valley towns, Plainfield was also chartered in 1761 by Governor Benning Wentworth. Being developed as an agricultural community, Plainfield quickly became a destination for settlers. The agricultural business grew throughout the 19th and 20th century and expanded into what is known as Plainfield Village, Meriden Village and East Plainfield. Still thriving today, Plainfield is home to many farms and acres of agricultural land.

A portion of Eastern Plainfield and Western Grantham is the area that became Meriden, home to Kimball Union Academy, which was built in 1813. Kimball Union Academy is still in operation and is considered by many to be one of the area’s best schools. If you have a chance, one should drive by the campus, it’s absolutely beautiful!

The town was settled and received it’s name from it’s original settlers who came to New Hampshire from Plainfield, Connecticut. Plainfield has since become a residential community, boasting many preserved historical buildings, where it’s residents value the town’s heritage and charm.

Around Plainfield

Plainfield has a lot to offer it’s residents and visitors including a relaxing and quiet place to live and visit and plenty of outdoor activities for all who care to participate.

Plainfield, New Hampshire Trails
Plainfield Trailblazers Community Bridge Project

There is a great amount of hiking trails and bike paths throughout Plainfield. The Plainfield Trailblazers is a volunteer organization that puts forth efforts to design and maintain a detailed trail system for recreational use, wildlife habitat preservation, to help protect water quality and link the town centers within the area.

Maintaining a diverse experience for residents, the Trailblazers has formed, maintained and improved several different types of trails including hiking trails, snowmobile trails, bike trails, paths and more. There is signage to help residents and visitors to located the trails and utilize the trail system.

There’s nothing about the outdoor community in Plainfield that will leave you bored. Enjoy mountain biking, snowmobiling, hiking, walking, swimming, fishing, boating and just about anything you can think of. There’s plenty to do and plenty of sights to see. You’ll love exploring all the different trails, historic sites, fishing holes and local shops, too.

Pumpkin People, Plainfield New Hampshire
Plainfield, NH Pumpkin People

Pumpkin People of Plainfield!

One ongoing tradition in Plainfield is the Pumpkin People. This is an awesome and such a creative activity that the residents participate in.

Around Halloween time you may be used to seeing scare crows in the front yard of the homes in your neighborhood, but in Plainfield, you’ll see something a little different. You’ll see pumpkin people! Although the tradition has only been around since 2012, the residents have really taken the bull by the horns on this one. You’ll find pumpkin people all over town preforming different tasks, hanging around (literally!), acting silly or just watching traffic pass by from the side of the road.

There are small baby pumpkin people, there are child size pumpkin people and there are full grown pumpkin people. you may even see some zombie pumpkin people too! They might be riding a tractor, playing a game, fixing their truck or just relaxing on the front lawn, who knows – it changes every year!

Each and every year, you’ll see something new – and the pumpkin people makers become more and more creative. So, if you’re looking for something fun to discover, take a drive through Plainfield around Halloween, you’ll find a lot more than boring old scare crows.

Working in Plainfield, NH

Plainfield offers many unique employment opportunities and is a great place to small and large businesses to set up shop. Many residents operate their own businesses right from the comfort of town. Known for being a quiet and peaceful place to live, there are an abundance of local businesses located along the Rt. 12A corridor, and scattered throughout the area.

In Plainfield, you’ll find businesses and services for everything from accounting and auto repair to farms, landscaping, carpentry, child care, horse grooming and everything in between. There’s no shortage of small businesses in Plainfield, and if you’re interested in moving or opening a business, Plainfield, NH is a great place to consider setting up shop.

Although there are a lot of residents in the Plainfield area who own, operate and work for local businesses, there are also plenty of residents who travel to the employment hubs of the Upper Valley, the Lebanon and Hanover region, some folks head south towards Claremont for work as well.

Home in Plainfield

Residents living in the town of Plainfield enjoy quiet, country style living. With few roads and a lot of land, the town sprawls from the Connecticut River on the east to Grantham Mountain in the west. A quiet valley town, residents love the sights and sounds of nature in their own back yards.

While there are more single family homes than multi-family, apartment, condos or town homes in the Plainfield area, the median home value is in the range of about $235,000. This home value median is consistent with the surrounding area, however, it’s not rare to see larger homes with precious views pop up on the market from time to time. Plainfield, New Hampshire is also a great place to build a home, as the land is priced modestly for the region.

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