Pomfret, Vermont

Pomfret, VT

A small town tucked away in the County of Windsor, Vermont, Pomfret is home to approximately 900 people. If you drive through Pomfret, you’re likely to see rolling fields and grand views of the Green Mountains and if you’re in the southern end of town you may want to stop in and see the famous Suicide Six Ski Resort.

With nearly 40 square miles of land, Pomfret is located to the north of Woodstock, VT, west of Hartford, VT and to the south of Sharon, VT – all located within the Upper Valley region. There are two major waterways that pass through town, the White River in north Pomfret and the Ottauquechee River towards the south.

The Town of Pomfret, Vermont

History of Pomfret

Chartered in 1761 by NH Governor Wentworth, through the New Hampshire Land Grant. There is a bit of controversy over the topic of how the town got its name. Possibly, Pomfret was named for the hometown of its settlers who came from Pomfret, Connecticut. However, some historians say the town was named after Thomas Fermor who was Earl of Pomfret in the Kingdom of Great Britain. Governor Wentworth was not a stranger to chartering towns and naming them after places in Great Britain.

The town may be most well known for its ski resort, Suicide Six. Established in the southern part of Pomfret in 1931, Suicide Six is said to be the first ski resort with a ski lift in the country.

Places of Interest

What ever a city dweller would expect to see while on a weekend excursion to Vermont, Pomfret will deliver! A small, out of the way, quiet Vermont town with every bit of rolling hills, fields and nature you’d expect to find when taking a trip to escape the city life. Visitors are greeted with a number of Bed and Breakfast options, nature as far as the eye can see and people with hearts of gold.

South Pomfret, Smith Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

The South Pomfret Covered Bridge is a great piece of town history. It also goes by the name of the Smith Bridge. It’s a 39 foot long Town Lattice Truss covered bridge, which spans across Barnard Brook on Mill Brook road in South Pomfret. It was built in 1870 in Lamoille County, Vermont.

The bridge was cut in half and disassembled in 1973. Half of the bridge was moved to South Pomfret, the other half of the bridge was taken to Brownsville, Vermont. Both halves were reassembled, however only the South Pomfret Covered Bridge is still standing today. The Brownsville half of the bridge, which was named the Twigg-Smith Bridge, was removed in 2001.

The bridge is located just off South Pomfret-Woodstock Road. It is on a private road and there are posted signs, so please be respectful of the land owner’s signage.

Suicide Six

Don’t let the name fool you, Suicide Six is a nice ski area for skiers and riders of all ages and abilities. In fact, 30% of Suicide Six slopes are beginners slopes, 40% of their slopes are considered intermediate and 30% are designed for more advanced skiers and riders.

Suicide Six, Pomfret, Vermont

Suicide Six is said to have installed the first ski lift in the country, which was a rope tow. It was Wallace “Bunny” Bertram, who opened the first ski lift in 1936. It towed skiers from the bottom of the slopes to the top. Before the rope tow, skiers would have had to walk the entire distance to the top of the ski run in order to enjoy the winter views and the ride down. Of course this rope tow set off a domino effect and soon ski mountains all over the country began emulating and designing their own versions of the rope tow. Eventually, this invention lead to the current ski lifts that are so popular today.

A lesser known fact about Suicide six is that it was the location of the first ever National Snow Surfing Competition in 1982. Yes, snow surfing is the original name for snowboarding. Today, Suicide Six welcomes snowboarders with open arms. So whether you’re a skier of snowboarder, regardless of skill level, you should hit the slopes at Suicide Six!

Calling Pomfret Home

Pomfret, divided into North Pomfret and South Pomfret, is a beautiful place to call home. If you’re interested in living in a quiet rural town in Vermont, Pomfret has exactly what you’re looking for. Surrounded by country, you’ll find astonishing homes, country farms, luxurious estates and stunning acreage.

Pomfret is a very desirable place to live in the eastern Vermont region. Due to such desirability and quality of homes, median home values are moderately higher in Pomfret than in other towns in the Upper Valley. However, if you’re interested in calling Pomfret your home, you’ll find real estate ranging from modestly priced single family homes, wonderful lots of land ready to build, to lavish estates that are whispering your name.

Living in Pomfret will provide you with the lifestyle in which you’ve always dreamed. You’ll be relaxing and immersed in a classic New England town, located away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities, and surrounded by rolling hills and pastures. It’s a lifestyle you’ll love.

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