Royalton, Vermont

Royalton, Vermont town hall

A community in every sense of the word, Royalton prides itself on being home to Vermont Law School, the only law school in Vermont. Visitors and residents enjoy a beautiful town, with a diverse population of students from all around the world. There are nearly 2,800 residents who call Royalton home.

The town of Royalton, located west of Sharon, VT along the I-89 corridor, includes three villages, Royalton, South Royalton and North Royalton. Each village contributes its own wonderful charm to the town. From picturesque rivers to town center gazebos.

The Town of Royalton, Vermont

History of Royalton

The town, one of few in the Upper Valley to be chartered by someone other than New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth, was chartered in 1769 by the Royal Lieutenant Governor of New York, Cadwallader Colden. The first settlers began to arrive in the early 1770’s.

In 1780 the last significant British raid of the Revolutionary War in New England, the “Royalton Raid”, was carried out. The town was attacked and burned along with the towns of Sharon and Tunbridge, Vermont. Subsequently, the town was rechartered in 1781 by the Republic of Vermont.

The town was a buzz in 1848 when the Vermont Central Railroad opened a depot in South Royalton. The depot eventually became a freight depot. The Vermont Central Railroad serviced New England including Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and extended services to New York and Montreal, Canada. The Railroad connected with the Boston and Maine railway in White River Junction, Vermont.

Reviving the theory of Austrian Economics, the former Royalton College hosted the Institute for Humane Studies Conference in 1974. The conference is considered to be a cornerstone in bringing back the idea of sound money, and the theory of Austrian Economics.

Things To Do In Royalton

Royalton, VT, like many other towns in the Upper Valley, is a place of natural beauty. Take a day trip or spend a weekend at a quaint B&B. Many residents and visitors to Royalton enjoy the town’s small, locally owned restaurants and shops. Stop in for one of the Upper Valley’s best burgers at the Worthy Burger, or grab an amazing plate and a local brew at 5 Ole Tavern and Grille.

The Worthy Burger in Royalton, Vermont
The Worthy Burger

Need something to work up your appetite first? Take a hike up to the top of the hill overlooking the town green, gazebos and white steeples in South Royalton. Snap a few photos before making your way back down. Perhaps you’re looking for a bit more adventure? Hike up to Kent’s Ledge for a view of the whole town, river, rolling fields and picturesque views of the valley floor below.

In the summertime the town of Royalton is host to a great farmers market. It runs every Thursday afternoon and into the evening on the town green. Stop by for the best locally grown produce, baked goods and handmade items by local crafters and artists. Bring your dancing shoes because there is always a great band that plays every Thursday evening during the farmers market.

Joseph Smith Memorial Monument

If you’re looking for a more spiritual experience, visit the memorial of Joseph Smith who founded the Mormon religion and is the publisher of The Book of Mormon. Although Joseph Smith, was born in neighboring Sharon, Vermont near the boarder of Royalton, the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial lies in the town. The memorial stand 38 1/2 feet tall, one foot for each year of the Prophet’s life.

If you like visiting places that are outside the box, stop by to explore an ancient cemetery or the South Royalton underground chamber, caves and mysteries surrounding Elephant Valley.

Home in Royalton, Vermont

Royalton is a great place to call home. It’s a picturesque community with lots of things to do, see and visit. Located on the western half of the Upper Valley, Royalton and its respective villages are just a short commute on Interstate 89 to the shopping and employment hubs of White River Junction, Vermont, Lebanon, and Hanover, New Hampshire.

Royalton is home to Vermont Law School, the only law school in Vermont. The students of the school provide the community with a cultural experience with a vast array of students originating from all over the world. It’s an exciting place to live, learn and make new friendships that will last a lifetime.

There is a wide selection of real estate in Royalton. Ranging from small and large lots of land to single family homes and large luxurious estates. Whether you’re looking for a modestly prices home while you’re attending VT Law School or looking to buy your dream house, Royalton has it all. The median home value is approximately $205,000. Regardless of the modest median home values in the area, there are large sprawling estates that show up on the market from time to time, and these are homes in which you wont want to miss out.

Royalton offers exactly what you’ve been looking for in a small Vermont town, nearly 2800 residents can’t be wrong!

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