Springfield, New Hampshire

Gile State Forest and Gardner Memorial Wayside Park, Springfield, New Hampshire
Gile State Forest in Springfield, NH

Springfield, NH is a nice rural community located in Sullivan County. The population of Springfield is just more than 1,300 people. Springfield is a quiet community where residents can enjoy a quiet lifestyle with little in the way of pollution, noise or otherwise.

The Town of Springfield, New Hampshire

About Springfield

If you’ve dreamed of a small town with a lot of nature and an easy, laid back way of living – Springfield, New Hampshire may be that place.

Springfield was originally settled in 1769 and was given the name Protectworth. It wasn’t known as Springfield until 1794, when it was incorporated and the name Springfield was adopted.

The town of Springfield, NH is made up of hard working citizens who love the town and the way of life they can provide for themselves and their family here. Springfield is a good town and many of the community members contribute and volunteer their time to make the town and the community a great place to live.

Gile State Forest

Springfield is home to the Gile State Forest and Gardner Memorial Wayside Park. Boasting northern hardwoods like balsam fir, yellow birch, sugar maple and beech trees, the Gile State Forest and wayside park is a haven for many species of trees. There is also a lot of beautiful wetlands, ponds and plenty of wild life to watch for and soak in.

Take a stroll down a half mile trail from the wayside to the scenic Butterfield Pond to look for moose, moose tracks, and signs of coyotes, bears, deer and even some snowshoe hares. There is a great variety of wild life including an abundance of birds to watch. On any given day you may be able to spot and hear the songs of the wood thrushes, yellow-throated and red-eyed vireos, ovenbirds, black-throated green warblers or a number of the birds that live in the Gile State Forest.

Gile State Forest, Butterfield Pond
Butterfield Pond

Gile State Forest covers 6,675 acres of area and is home to every type of wildlife you’d expect to find in New Hampshire. You can find the Gardner Memorial Wayside Park and Gile State Forest on Route 4A, 17.2 miles east of the Rt 4 and Rt 4A junction in Lebanon, NH OR 6.8 miles west of the Rt 11 and Rt 4A junction.

There is parking available at the wayside. Visitors are also allowed to hike, fish, snowshoe, cross country ski, picnic and more. This is a great place to get out and get some exercise, or just take the family for a picnic. There’s so much to see and so much to do – take a hike, and explore!

Note that the park is always open for use and recreation, unless posted otherwise. The park is not staffed during the winter months and comfort stations are not available, caution is advised – users assume all risk. Don’t forget to bring your pup, as dogs on leashes are permitted!

Living in Springfield, NH

Fitting snugly in with the rest of the Upper Valley towns when comparing quiet, nature and way of life, Springfield is a place that’s still growing. The town is full of residents who love their community and the way of life a small town like Springfield provides for them. They love nature, quiet living and good company. If this sounds like you, you may have found your new hometown.

Springfield is a bit of a drive from shopping centers and other amenities, but the natural resources, nature and quiet country living surely makes up for that. Overall, it’s not exceptionally far from shopping, dining and other amenities when compared to the rest of the Upper Valley. Springfield is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Newport, Claremont, Tilton, and Lebanon.

The median home value in Springfield is $225,000. Aside from Multi-family residences, Springfield residents enjoy single family homes with plenty of land. There is also plenty of land available for new construction in Springfield, and it’s quite affordable when compared to surrounding areas.

If you’ve wanted to live the quiet life, raise a family or retire without the hustle and bustle of city sounds, Springfield, New Hampshire is waiting with warm, welcoming arms. Drive through town, head over to the Gile State Forest and explore for a day – you may want to call Springfield home!

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