Upper Valley Farmers’ Markets

By: Katie Donovan

We’re so lucky to have so many farmers’ markets in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont, each with something special to offer. Within twenty or thirty minutes you could find your new favorite vendor or create a summer tradition of an outing to a farmers’ market outside your hometown and stay awhile.

Farmer's Markets in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont

I had fun on all my mini adventures to the Upper Valley markets. Every market had friendly vendors who made you feel welcome and gave you ideas on how to use their products.

As I sat to a meal of shish kababs with local corn, roasted potatoes, and steamed vegetables, it felt good knowing that I knew where each item on my plate came from: even the elk meat, which was from my dad’s hunting trip out west. It gave the meal more meaning because it wasn’t just from some farm I’d never heard of thousands of miles away, it was from someone I knew. I knew how it was produced and I was supporting a local business who would then invest the money back into the community too. When you’re so close to the source of something’s production, you appreciate it that much more. Visiting the farmers’ market made me feel connected to the community too and I encourage you to find a farmers’ market that fits your needs. Become a regular and enjoy all the bounty of our beautiful Upper Valley.

Farmers’ Markets in the Upper Valley

Find your favorite or experience a new market. I’ve written a summary for each which includes highlights, location, time, parking, entertainment and my overall experience.

Wednesday Markets: Woodstock,VT; Hanover, NH; and New London, NH

Thursday Markets:  Claremont, NH and Lebanon, NH

Friday Markets: Newport, NH; Hartland, VT; and Fairlee, VT

Saturday Markets: Norwich, VT and Springfield, VT

Please check each website for seasonal information.

Woodstock, Vermont Farmers’ Market

Farmer's Market in Woodstock, Vermont

The Woodstock farmers’ market had beautifully crafted artisan work like pottery and cutting boards. The selection of produce was more than I had seen at any market. I bought fingerling potatoes and a bunch of delicious looking carrots. You could also find cabbage, mixed greens, and garlic.

Organic Farm Stand at Woodstock, VT Farmer's Market

The Woodstock farmers’ market was also the only farmers’ market I noticed an organic farm if that’s important to you. I stopped in my tracks when I smelled the baked goods from Naga Bakery. The flavors of her breads were so delicious sounding it was hard to choose: blueberry ricotta, apricot cheddar, tomato cheddar, apple cinnamon. I chose apricot cheddar and tomato cheddar. They were good and I especially liked the seasoning on the crust. I enjoyed talking with the vendors and their recipe recommendations too. It makes the buying experience that much more personal and enjoyable.

  • Highlights: Variety of Produce
  • Location: Town Common
  • Time: Wed. 3-6 pm
  • Parking: Street parking
  • Entertainment: Music
  • More information: WebsiteFacebook

Hanover, New Hampshire Farmers’ Market

Farmer's Market in Hanover, New Hampshire

The Hanover farmers’ market beckons you to sit and stay awhile. There music was beautiful: a duo where one sang and played the guitar while the other played the harmonica. I liked the music at all the farmers’ markets, but this one in particular stood out to me.

Farmer's Market in Hanover, NH

A small group of Dartmouth students sat and listened to them perform. As I walked around I saw a sandwich vendor and a special treat: a cupcake vendor, both I hadn’t seen at any other market. This farmers’ market had a nice mix of different vendors: flowers, artisan goods, prepared foods, and produce. There were a lot of people meandering in and out of the market and quite a few people relaxing on the green. It was my favorite market for atmosphere.

Hanover, New Hampshire Farmer's Market

  • Highlights: Atmosphere: sit and stay awhile
  • Location: The Green
  • Time: Wed. 3-6 pm
  • Parking: Free around the green, courtesy of the local chamber of commerce. Free parking on Wheelock and College St.
  • Entertainment: Music
  • More Information: WebsiteFacebook

New London, New Hampshire Farmers’ Market

Farmer's Market in New London, NH

If you want a gift for a friend or yummy baked good, this is the place to go. A quaint farmers’ market with a lot of handmade goods. There was a vendor with cute flip flops and another with lovely stationary. For a tasty treat I found a vendor with beautiful breads and another who sold baked goods. Of course there’s fresh produce too.

Baked Goods at New London, NH Farmer's Market

Make an afternoon of it; wander around the local shops in the area, stop by the farmers’ market, and grab a bite to eat at one of New London’s great restaurants.

New London, New Hampshire Farmer's Market

  • Highlights: Artisan goods
  • Location: Town Common
  • Time: Wed. 3-6 pm
  • Parking: Free. Parking is on the street
  • Entertainment: Music
  • More Information: Facebook

Claremont, New Hampshire Farmers’ Market

Farmer's Market in Claremont, New Hampshire

This year there were fewer produce vendors in late July and early August and mostly artisanal goods. There were some prepared foods like bread and jelly too. A couple vendors sold meats. So if you need a gift for someone or want to buy some local meat Claremont is a good farmers’ market to go to. There were plenty of cars parked around the park and people meandered in and out of the market with their purchases.

Claremont, New Hampshire Farmer's Market

  • Highlights: Gifts and Meats
  • Location: Broad St. Park next to the fire station, Opera House and Fiske Free Library
  • Time: Thurs. 4-7 pm
  • Parking: Free. You can park around the green (fire station side easiest to get out of) or there’s public parking across the street where American Legion is.
  • Entertainment: Music and train rides for kids
  • More Information: Vital Communities

Lebanon, New Hampshire Farmers’ Market

Lebanon, NH Farmer's Market

This Lebanon farmers’ market has a lot of prepared foods. I think this is a great farmers’ market to have an evening picnic on the green with the local fare and listen to the music or grab dinner for your family. There was a good balance of produce and artisanal vendors too. It was a really relaxing farmers’ market to go to and made me want to stay longer, which a lot of people tended to do, enjoying the park and its activity.

Farmer's Market in Lebanon, New Hampshire

  • Highlights: Dinner and Produce
  • Location: Colburn Park at the Green across from the fire station and Opera House.
  • Time: Thurs. 4-7 pm
  • Parking: Free. You can park around the green though it can be difficult to get out of with the traffic. There’s public parking by Three Tomatoes if you turn right by the restaurant.
  • Entertainment: Music
  • More Information: Website,  Facebook

Newport, New Hampshire Farmers’ Market

Newport, NH Farmer's Market

This is a great market with a lot of vendors. I enjoyed the music and browsing the nice selection of produce. I got delicious corn and some green beans too. There were a lot of kids at the story time too, which is a great addition to the farmers’ market.

  • Highlights: Kids activities
  • Location: Town Common across from Sugar River Bank.
  • Time: Fri. 3-6 pm
  • Parking: Free. You can park around the common.
  • Entertainment: Music, along with train rides and story time for the kids.
  • More Information: WebsiteFacebook

Hartland, Vermont Farmers’ Market

Hartland, VT Farmer's Market

I arrived at 4 for the Hartland, Vermont farmers’ market and there were cars parked and already heading to the market. It was kids’ market day so there were tables set up along the side right as you entered and kids were displaying their wares to sell, which I thought was a wonderful idea. As I walked along I listened to the music and really enjoyed the fresh sound; often the entertainment consists of a singer with a guitar so I thought it was a fun change to hear a band with trumpets.

There were multiple produce vendors with a variety of vegetables beyond the traditional tomatoes zucchini and cucumbers. One vendor even sold beef. I bought some corn, squash, zucchini, and potatoes. All the farmers were so friendly and I especially liked how they welcomed you back by saying, “If you come back next week tell me what you think.” This really made me feel like I would be part of a community and create relationships with the growers, which I thought was especially apparent at this market.

Another benefit of this market is that their website and Facebook are active and helps you prepare for your weekly market trip by telling you which vendors to expect. I like how they also tell you who will be performing because I was able to check out a cool video by the band that performed when I went, which I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. They also do activities like weekly quizzes to win prizes and when I was there I saw children admiring some ducks on display who were quacking away. I think I’ll go check it out again.

  • Highlights: Kids’ Market
  • Location: At Hartland Public Library Field
  • Time: Fri. 4-7 pm
  • Parking: Free. Parking is easy and plentiful in the field
  • Entertainment: Music, weekly quizzes to win prizes
  • More Information: WebsiteFacebook

Fairlee, Vermont Farmers’ Market

Farmer's Market in Fairlee, Vermont

This is really a farm stand outside Chapman’s store on route 5 across from the bridge to Orford, NH, but if you live nearby it’s a great place to stop. Even though the Fairlee farmers’ market is only one vendor, their unique selection of organic produce makes it worth it. They had tomatoes that were a reddish purple color I’d never seen, a light purple eggplant variety, and ground tomatoes. I got to try one and what an experience: a fun sweet and savory combination bursting in your mouth. I would’ve bought some of these delicious tomatoes, but a whole pint container was too much for me. I’d recommend buying some and sharing with a friend or family member. I could tell there were regulars too since I heard a customer say, “Oh no cucumbers this week?” and another said, “See you next week.” So if you’re in the Fairlee area on a Friday afternoon, check them out.

  • Highlights: Unique finds and organic
  • Location: Route 5 across from bridge to Orford, NH
  • Time: Fri. 3-6 pm
  • Parking: Free. Park at Chapman’s Store
  • Entertainment: None
  • More Information: Website

Norwich, Vermont Farmers’ Market

Norwich, VT Farmer's Market

I arrived at 9:15 and the Norwich, Vermont farmers’ market already busy; the parking lot was filled with cars. As I entered the farmers’ market I saw wooden vendor stalls that looked like pergolas; this was the only farmers’ market that had permanent stalls. I was impressed by its size, the biggest farmers’ market in the area. The variety of vendors and goods sold was equally impressive. I saw products I hadn’t seen anywhere else: beeswax sculptures, wild mushrooms, toffee, cheese, lamb meat, and whole chickens. There were lots of produce vendors as well and organic produce was easy to find. Some stalls even had a large number of people waiting to purchase products which I wasn’t used to seeing. If you want a one stop shop farmers’ market or have an event or meal planned and need that special item, the Norwich farmers’ market is the place to go.

  • Highlights: Largest area market, most product variety
  • Location: Route 5 past King Arthur Flour on the left
  • Time: Sat. 9-1pm
  • Parking: Free follow the dirt road to the parking area
  • Entertainment: Music
  • More Information: WebsiteFacebook

Springfield, Vermont Farmers’ Market

Springfield, VT Farmer's Market

The day I went to the Springfield, Vermont farmers’ market also happened to be the day of Market Madness. The center of town was closed to traffic so vendors were set up on the street. There was a dunking booth, kiss the puppy to support the local Humane Society, advocacy causes, clothing and artisanal goods, prepared food and produce vendors, and activities for kids. It was definitely fun to wander around. There were lots of people enjoying the festivities as well.

  • Highlights: Has Market Madness in Aug.
  • Location: Center of town by the movie theatre
  • Time: Sat. 10-1pm
  • Parking: Free on the street and public parking towards the town offices
  • Entertainment: Music
  • More Information: WebsiteFacebook

Farmer's Markets in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont

Tell us your favorite Upper Valley farmers’ market story or memory.

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